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PWR chain

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A robust smart-contract agnostic blockchain with limitless interoperable virtual machines, ensuring unfettered innovation without compromising core performance.


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Avail is a project primarily focused on data availability, including placing orders, publishing transactions, and verifying block data availability. In contrast to "monolithic" blockchains, Avail is a modular blockchain that separates components such as consensus, security,...


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EigenLayer is an innovative protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that introduces the concept of "restaking," allowing users to leverage their already staked Ethereum or Liquid Staking Tokens for additional rewards and security contributions.


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PowerLoom Protocol aggregates on-chain and off-chain data to generate snapshots with cryptographic proofs in a decentralized manner. It aims to build trust and offer meaningful insights on demand through a rich ecosystem of peers and stakeholders...


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Dymension is a Modular Blockchain created to address the limitations of the Monolithic Blockchain. The project also serves as the infrastructure for developing highly scalable RollApps.


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Subspace is powered by a new eco-friendly, 4th generation blockchain that enables massively scalable on-chain storage and compute without compromising security or decentralization.


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Forta is a decentralized, community-driven network that aims to provide real-time detection and monitoring of blockchain activity. It seeks to identify threats and anomalies on various Web3 systems, including DeFi, NFT, governance, and bridges.


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Celestia (TIA) is a modular blockchain network, providing developers with the infrastructure to build and maintain their own blockchain networks. Specifically, Celestia allows other blockchains to use it as a consensus layer and data provider.


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