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Fast, secure, decentralized and trusted validator. We also operate as a community builder and content creator in Vietnamese. We have a vibrant community of elite members, experienced in researching, analyzing, and selecting potential projects at an early stage for support and investment opportunities.


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99.9% Uptime

We can operate a secure and stable service with over 99.9% uptime across all supported blockchain networks.

Decentralized secure infrastructure

Our servers are globally distributed, providing the utmost security and ensuring essential decentralization.

Security, Monitoring & Alerting

Our in-house overlay security system ensures continuous monitoring and 24/7 alerts, meeting the most stringent of our requirements.

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Empower yourself with our educational materials and comprehensive analytical content.

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Empower yourself with our educational materials and comprehensive analytical content.


Silent protocol là gì? giao thức về privacy tiềm năng

Giới thiệu về Silent protocol Silent Protocol là một sáng kiến ​​khởi nghiệp do các nhà nghiên cứu từ TÜBİTAK BİLGEM...
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Polyhedra Network là gì? Polyhedra Network là dự án xây dựng cơ sở hạ tầng cho Web3 với công nghệ Zero-knowledge...